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Bug Sweeping Surveillance

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Limestone Risk Management is recognised as a reputed counter surveillance, bug sweeping company providing services to prevent loss of important information from electronic spying and surveillance.

Our team offers advanced bug sweeping or counter surveillance services to all standards of industry and private properties. We work for offices, warehousing, factories, laboratories, trading floors and any other areas that could probably be a target of electronic surveillance. Our specialised and experienced sweep professional depends on strategic points within New Zealand, to render an efficient and dependable service on a global level, supported by latest technology and equipment. 

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures – Business and Corporate
Completely experienced professional perform counter surveillance, counter measure sweeps with years of experience in the field of establishing eavesdropping devices. 

We bring in use the latest and advanced equipment system which enables prompt and accurate detection of active and non-active transmitters and any threat to the GSM devices. Equipment we use cover sophisticated spectrum analysis, non linear junction detectors, short and long duration signal analysis software, specialist GSM location, video detection and tracking equipment.

Counter Surveillance Bug Sweeping – At Home
Your home can also be a target of electronic surveillance, where video bugs and listening bugs can be planted with surprising ease. We could hide most of these devices in sockets, lights, electronic equipment and electrical wiring. These can also be fitted to phone lines and cavities within the ceilings and falls. We choose an option depending upon the level of threat detected. 

Counter Surveillance vehicles or vessels

Our bug sweeping service is not just limited to home and workplaces, we also work at commonplaces like vehicles, yachts and boats as a subject of spying and surveillance. 


Our private staff will visit the vehicle and perform a counter surveillance sweep which involves a total electronic and visual inspection with special attention to private location trackers that may be used to identify your journey routes and whereabouts.

Risk Assessment and Risk Analysis
Anywhere in home or workplace, there exists a risk of another person installing a hidden device to keep an eye at your private actions and information. Each person in the area is under a certain level of rick anywhere from 0% to 99%.

The risk level can be different depending upon factors like timing and circumstances. Not just this, it can be directly connected to monitor a device. Our risk assessment program will help determine any accessible ad weak areas of security, in reference to the type of devices that can be planted as a physical solution to the problem.

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