Marital investigat

Marital investigations

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If you get any hint or evidence that develops a feeling of suspicion for your partner, Limestone Risk Management can help you get over the doubt.

We know living with a partner you suspect is a tough time for you and you need immediate help from our professional investigators. We perform a quick, accurate and affordable investigation, which remains private, discreet and shows you the real evidence you wish for. Yes, our team can deliver all of these and even more.


You might have got a hint from your friends or family that your husband is cheating on you or the inappropriate change in behaviour might have made you feel so. Whatever be the reason of your suspicion – your intuition, related work events or anything else, we will bring up the truth for you with completely professional investigation into the matter.  


We possess a wide range of strategies and techniques which can help you detect the truth about your husband.  

  • GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Computer Forensics
  • Surveillance
  • Covert Cameras
  • Family Law Legal Advice
  • Phone Data Recovery
We always guarantee total privacy and discreetness while performing close investigations till the time we come up with the evidential material you require for confirmation. We also offer essential advice and assistance on the steps to follow post-investigation. We will connect you with the experienced and successful family law barristers for professional counselling for you and your children.

Do you get strong intuitions that your husband is cheating? Get your answers from Us!  

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