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Limestone offer a team of qualified and proven health and safety trainers, investigators and auditors. The Team can easily come and provide your business with a multitude of solution in order to helping your business increase their awareness, well being and meet legislative requirements stated under the 2015 Health and Safety at work act.
Training in basic health and safety awareness is the largest training solution taken up by clients - this shows that you as a PCBU,OFFICER are taking the correct steps towards providing a safe work environment for your workers.If the training is conducted on your site you will benefit from the hazard ID carried out across the training are related directly to your work environment.

Health and Safety Representitive training is designed for those clients that have a larger work force (19 and above) to ensure that you meet your legal obligations under the Act. During the training your representitives will get an indepth knowledge of their responsibilites and will brain storm ways of achieving engagement and participation of their workers.

Health and Safety Investigations - designed to give a base level foundation to those required to conduct intial investigations and or corden off a incident site. The course is based around  finding route and latent causes of incidents and handling witnesses.
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