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Insurance Investigations

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Limestone Risk Management carries out confidential physical surveillance legally, regardless of the time and type of environment. We obtain faster results in form of evidence, video and photographs, intelligence and court level reporting.

Claims against Income Replacement and Total Permanent Disablement Insurance can sum up to substantial amounts that require validation before final payment ensuring wise entitlement is not being compromised.

In these matters, our specialised investigators can design a covert process for exact access without affecting the brand reputation. 

Here’s what we include:

  • Evidencing work capacity
  • Detecting links between various parties
  • Recording real activity and ability
  • Establishing hidden assets
  • Extracting evidence corrupt practices
  • Determining credibility and honesty
  • Authenticating genuine claimants
Employers, third party administrators, self-insurers and claim adjusters use our investigation services to detect and prove fraudulent claims. Our reports are easy to read, reflecting our professional effort and surveillance results. Our investigation team use state-of-the-art technology like night vision generation 3 lenses, wireless video recording systems, GP and other electronics. These tools and techniques help us overcome the extremely challenging situations and record videos or click photographs to prove criminal Workers Compensation fraud.

The investigating officer assigned for your case will record a video of the suspected compensation fraud activity when it occurs protecting the subject’s legal privacy rights. We collect essential evidence to provide solutions including both civil and criminal action.   

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