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Private Investigation and Surveillance

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Limestone Risk Management is a completely professional private investigation and surveillance company based in Auckland. We find solutions to a problem with sheer expertise and focus. This dedication makes us the most trusted legal choice for every private investigation purposes. With our years of experience and skilled team force, we are capable of give you the best results from an investigation process.

We work with a professional and experienced team of private investigators and surveillance experts. Our team members are from defence and security fields such as some are former police detectives to complement the skills for perfect surveillance. Some others are Police Specialists and military Special Forces. Our team works in cooperation to deliver the most effective intelligence report on a matter.

Keeping things private, discreet and confidential, we proceed through the investigation, giving you the peace of mind all the while. Following each investigation, you get a court standard structural evidential report including high quality still images and HD video of the complete investigation and surveillance procedure. 

When you hire us, a senior expert will manage the assignment and provide you 24X7 assistance and consultation. Talk to us about your case now. 

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