security risk management

Security Risk Management

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Protecting your business from any kind operational risks should be the first priority for any management team.

Loss of life, physical assets, intellectual property and reputation can portray a destructive impact on your business. Limestone Risk management is well equipped to allow the clients detect, evaluate and mitigate operational risk. In addition to this, if any such incident occur, we can an efficient planner of emergency crisis.   

Multinational companies must routinely:

  • Resource and manage security operations.
  • Monitor and manage the consequences of changes in risk levels.
  • Secure the business at both at Corporate and local level.
  • Understand the business impact of risks and prepare contingency plans to reduce the impact. of an event should it occur.
  • Enter and succeed in new markets with confidence.
  • Respond to events that may have a security related impact on business.
How we work

Our services are completely supported by our subject expertise, technical knowledge and global network. Starting from strategic advice to practical actions, on-the ground services, we offer global solutions to meet your security risk management challenges.  


We will help you to:

  • Provide prompt assistance to help you respond to crisis events
  • Develop policies, strategies and solutions to preserve assets and minimise the risk of losses.
  • Review, audit and benchmark existing arrangements to identify gaps or misaligned resources.
  • Develop crisis and resilience plans to reduce the impact of an event to acceptable levels and safeguard reputations in times of crisis.
  • Provide security services and training to help implement and manage security from the local to global level.
Security Vulnerability Assessments
  • Executive Protection.
  • Management and policy reviews.
  • Internal Investigations.
  • Travel Security.
  • New Country Entry.
  • Advice and support local security teams in country.
  • Advice and support senior leadership.
  • Advice and support project management team.
  • Liaison with relevant outside agencies.
  • Upstream and downstream.
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