Surveillance in Auckland

Surveillance in Auckland

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At Limestone Risk Management, we offer latest technology CCTV systems for surveillance in Auckland to enable you complete protection at home and business. Our hi-tech CCTC security systems are technically smart to send you an alert through instant alarms on occurrence of any unexpected incident in your premises.

Our surveillance CCTV cameras come with full high-definition picture quality and for a client looking for more clarity, we offer our 4K category option. Surveillance is what helps you keep an eye at your residential and commercial properties when away regardless of the time. We make it possible through a simple app installed in your mobile phone – Take care of your properties from anywhere at any time.

Our Surveillance Process
Phone Setup
Install Android or iOS app in your mobile device to help monitoring your property remotely.

Quick Alerts
Follow up with instant alerts to keep you informed about an incident at the exact time of occurrence.

Real-time Live View
Have a clear and live view of your property – home or business on your mobile despite the place and time.

HD Storage
Our surveillance system lets you save a video or footage in your hard drive when you need CCTV recording as evidence.

Plug & Play
We offer a simple and easily accessible CCTV system – just plug in and play!

Post Support and Install
You will receive 24X7 after-sales support and our technical experts will even install the surveillance system in your property if required.

Flawlessly clear images
Our CCTV security systems are of full HD picture quality with an additional 4K option for those who want more clarity. The cameras in the system consist of an infrared light which helps the cameras and lens see during night.
Things to consider
Before you purchase a CCTV system for surveillance purpose in your property, think about the following things:

Budget – How much can I invest into a CCTV system that offers full protection for my home or business?
System – How many cameras will suffice to cover all the areas of my property?
Where is the router or modem installed?
Install – Is there easy access to your ceiling for the system installers?

Call us and ensure safety through of service of surveillance in Auckland.

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